Saturday, 1 October 2016

Choose WordPress or Blogger

For promoting the blogs and the articles all you need is to have any CMS i.e. content management framework which is suitable for your business in order to make the website incredible. Here we are comparing two most popular CMS framework WordPress and Blogger. Both of the framework offers advanced features which is very useful in order to grab the market. As jaw-dropping features enhances the readability of the blog. If you want to select the best CMS out of both then we have compared both the CMS:

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Blogger is the most prominent content management system framework which provides user-friendly interface. Google, the most popular company owns Blogger and offers many advanced features like AdWords, Analytics, and AdSense. Many companies use Blogger as their framework which was started in 1999. Few years later, company started grabbing more users and getting increased traffic.
·         This framework is completely free and is very simple and easy to use.
·         This framework delivers a user-friendly interface.
·         Number of users adopts this framework as it comes with powerful Google AdSense and Google Analytics.
·         The Blogger framework comes with free templates which you can customize also.
·         The framework does not offer any advanced features and options.
·         Number of users complained regarding the customization of the template.
·         Lack of advanced and high-end features as this framework comes with limited option.


WordPress is now gaining immense popularity with its simple design and easy to use features. The framework comes with advanced features and you can easily upgrade the feature in order to make it accessible by the advanced users.
·         Using this framework, you will get more control on the look, and the content you publish on your blog.
·         You can create your own domain name which looks like a professional one.
·         The users need to pay the hosting charges $3 per month.
·         You require more advanced technical team in order to run the hosted WP blog.

Both the content management systems are expected to bring major changes in  2017 in the month of january

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